Welcome to Marine Care Point Cooke website!

Marine Care Point Cooke is the friends group of the Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary. We aim to engage the local community and visitors to the sanctuary in the importance of marine environments and their protection.

Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary covers 290 hectares and is located 10 kilometres east of Werribee. Adjoining the sanctuary is the Point Cook Coastal Park and the internationally significant Cheetham Wetlands which attract large numbers of breeding migratory sea birds.

The sanctuary contains sandy beaches, subtidal soft sediments of sand and mud that bear sensitive seagrass habitat and intertidal and subtidal reefs. The intertidal and subtidal basalt reef system supports dense stands of macroalgae that in turn provide habitat for a stunning array of fish and invertebrates.

Common fish species often sighted by snorkelers and divers include Zebra Fish, Moonlighter, Rays, Dusky Morwong, Globe Fish and Horseshoe Leatherjacket amongst the countless invertebrates some of which are the Biscuit Seastar, Common Sea Urchin and the Eleven-Armed Seastar.

Contact us to join in our next snorkel or sea search activity and discover the beauty of Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary.